Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Hello guys, I just got home from traveling all day and I am exhausted! This vacation was such a nice, well spent time with my family and my boyfriend. I spent the majority of my time on the balcony and the beach. As much as I planned on taking photos at the beach I hardly ever touched my phone, which I think was a good thing! I did take some pictures, but really not many. My new header is from the beach! Let me know how you all think!

As I told you all in my pack with me post we went to Ocean Isle Beach. This beach I have visited multiple times, but the last time had been 4 years ago. Comparing the beach from this time to 4 years ago I can tell a lot more people have found this beach. It was more packed than it usually was. Even the housekeeping at our hotel told us more and more people find this beach every year. With that being said, the beach still isn’t PACKED like Myrtle Beach. One reason the beach isn’t so packed is on the actual island itself you can’t find commercial businesses. You will find local and small shops, however to get to commercial restaurants and stores it isn’t a long drive at all. This is one aspect I really enjoy about this beach.

The beach itself is so gorgeous and well kept. OIB is super clean and even though the water isn’t like one of a clear water beach it isn’t dirty like some of the other beaches I have visited. (If you drive up coast a little there is another beach called Oak Island and their beach is pretty dirty and the water is super murky and brown.)

Every time we go to OIB we always stay at Ocean isle inn. This hotel has tile floors while the surrounding hotels have carpet. In my opinion carpet and sand do not mix. They also have a small complimentary breakfast every morning. If you get the ocean front rooms they have the most beautiful view of the ocean and the pier. Waking up to the ocean and opening my front door to hear the waves was one of my favorite parts of this whole trip. Another tradition for us is walking to Ocean Isle creamery. They have amazing homemade ice cream and their menu changes everyday. If your lucky enough to be there when they have butter pecan you must try it.

If you are looking for a beach to vacation to I would defiantly recommend this beach. Let me know if you have any questions about it! With all that being said here is some photos I got from my vacation…

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