Fresh and Easy Pumpkin Puree

Yes, I know it’s July, but I just harvested my first pumpkin! This year I planted some pumpkins a little early so I could purée them and freeze them. I have to say though I do get a little too excited and plant too early, but that’s okay because the purée last 6 months in the freezer and is just as good! I need a lot of purée for all the things I have planned to bake in October and September! Check out my blog post about my homemade pumpkin pie! I used this recipe for the purée!

So, yesterday I made my purée and I couldn’t waste the seeds so I roasted them too! While I was at it I went ahead and turned it on Halloween town!

To get to it I started with a pumpkin I got from my garden, you can use any small pumpkin, but sugar pie pumpkins are sweeter and not as dry.

I washed the dirt off the pumpkin first. I then cut off the stem of the pumpkin and cut the pumpkin in two half’s. After that I cleaned out the guts and seeds of the pumpkin and put the seeds aside for later! The best way to do this is scrap it out with an ice cream scoop. Once I cleaned the pumpkin up I cut it into even smaller pieces so they cook faster!

(I even cut them smaller than that!)

Now this part you can do multiple ways and I have tried them all! To cook the pumpkin you can roast it, stream it on the stove top, or in a crockpot. The way I found that does the best and is the fastest is the stove top! So, what I did was take my chunks of pumpkin and put them in a big pot and filled the pot up with water that covers half of the pumpkin. Turn your stove top on low to medium and put the lid on the pot.

As I let my pumpkin steam I roasted some pumpkin seeds! What I like to do is wash my seeds off and clean all the guts off of them.

After that I toss them in some olive oil and Lawry’s season salt. You can put these in the stove, but I pour them right in my air fryer and get them really crispy.

Now, back to the pumpkin. You know it’s done when you can easily poke a fork all the way through it. Once it’s done I got all my pumpkin out of the water and let it cool. After it was cool I took a spoon and scooped the meat from the skin (this is super easy because it is soft from cooking). I put all the meat in the blender, (you can smash it up by hand if you don’t have a blender!) and blended the pumpkin into a purée. I then put the purée into a plastic container to freeze, you can use freezer safe bags also, but you want to use something that will expand as it freeze so not glass!

(Of corse before I froze it I got my dogs out some for treats! They love it!) And that’s it! You can use it as soon as you make it or put it up in the freezer! Be on the look out on my blog this September and October for some recipes using the purée! I love how it’s straight from my garden and fresh. It also makes a lot of purée! I can’t wait to make some pumpkin pie and other goodies with this homemade purée!

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