Pack with me to the Beach!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI love the beach and I haven’t been on a beach trip in years! The last time I went to the beach I just dropped by for just a few hours. This time I’m spending 3 full days and 2 half days at the beach, so I’m super excited! Me and my family are going to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina! We love this beach and is by far our favorite. The beach is kept so clean and not many people go there, so the beach isn’t packed. Today is Sunday and I am leaving Thursday night. I have most of my packing done, but I thought I would share with you all what I’m bringing with me!

Of corse I will be bringing the essentials like..

-tooth paste

-tooth brush



-hair bows


Those are all pretty standard, nothing to really show you guys, but aside from all of the stuff like that I’m packing..

-Beach essentials. These things are your standard things you would take to the beach. Like a beach towel, sunscreen (and lots of it), and sunglasses.

-Lots of t-shirts and shorts. I am a huge fan of t-shirts because they are so comfy so I packed a lot of them. I also packed some comfy shorts like running shorts and some jean shorts to wear out.8C664228-521F-45A6-9851-53480C464E46.JPG

-Change of outfits to take pictures in. I am taking two dresses and a button up! I will be making a blog post to share with you all how the pictures turned out, so stay tuned!6332C1EC-298A-4F2A-984E-48070506EF6E.JPG

-Light face of makeup and curling iron. I don’t really wear makeup or do my hair for the beach this is just for pictures! I didn’t really want to pack too much makeup so I just packed the basics.

-Crocs! These are perfect to wear to the beach or to wear out! I also put these in my summer essentials!

-Lots of swimsuits and coverups to choose from. My two one pieces are from Walmart and my two piece is from SHIEN. I like to pack coverups that are long sleeve just in case I burn my shoulders I can keep the covered. The first coverup is from a local boutique (it’s a thin, short dress) and the second is from Walmart a few years a go!

I tried to pack pretty light considering I don’t have much planned for this vacation, but to just relax on the beach! I packed all I need in my Vera Bradley weekender bag which I love! Like I said before I am super excited and I will be making a post after I get back to share with you all my vacation so subscribe with your email so you get a notification when I post!

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