My Summer Essentials

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(Jekyll Island, GA)

As much as I love the cooler weather, I do love summer too! This summer has been great! I can’t say I’ve did much this summer, but I have enjoyed myself. The majority of summer I’ve spent at the pool or at the lake. With college starting this fall, even though I will be taking the majority online, I’m very thankful I’ve had time to relax! I thought since we are in the middle of summer I would share with you all my 5 summer must haves!

1.) Crocs- I would have never thought I would be saying this, however these are my go to shoes in the summer! They are SOOOO comfy, and I don’t have to worry about getting them wet at the pool or lake. I also love that they have a strap on the back for when I go on a walk or hike!5ADB01B7-EC45-4DCC-ABE8-70897C31E1E2.JPG

2.) Elf Aloe Mist– I’ve been using this stuff for awhile now, but I have been loving it this summer. I usually don’t get sunburned, but if I do it’s on my nose or cheeks. I love throwing this in my pool bag and spraying in on my face if I get a little burnt.

3.) Yeti/tumbler- I love my yeti cup! I have the 30 oz cup and I like to keep it filled with ice and water. I find when I do this I drink so much more water, which is great for this hot weather. Another plus is my ice will last all day in my cup!70602465-83F3-4A5D-8501-9E5A53783193.JPG

4.) Running shorts- I have found that all summer my go to outfit is a pair of running shorts and a big t-shirt. Running shorts are so comfy and keep you cool in this hot weather!

5.) Amazing Grace Perfume– I love this perfume for all year, but I think it is perfect for summer! It has such a light and fresh scent that last all day. If I had one word to describe this perfume it would be ‘clean’. I think I love this perfume because it isn’t so overbearing. 8B023BA1-18E8-4AE4-8C88-2A19CA2457D9.jpg

I hope you all enjoyed my summer essentials! If you all have any summer essentials to share with me let me know!

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