Vine Gardening in Small Areas

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This year while gardening I decided to really focus on pumpkins. I love pumpkins! I love cooking with pumpkins, I love growing them, and I love decorating with them. It is so exciting seeing how big or what kind of pumpkin you grow. Here is last years pumpkin harvest!Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

So, what I did this year was make a pumpkin patch with all different kinds of pumpkins in it such as: Atlantic Giants, Jack-O-Laterns, Casper Pumpkins, etc. Then, I made a small garden on the side of my hill where I didn’t have too much space for my smaller pumpkins (mostly sugar pie pumpkins, because I LOVE cooking with them, but some gords). I’m going to share with you guys a super easy way to grow vines such as cucumbers, squash, small pumpkins, etc. in a small area! It is also good so your vegetables don’t sit on the ground.

First of all you need to dig out a flat spot. As you can see I did mine on the side of a hill, so I just had to dig me a little flat spot. Before I put up the fence this year I tilled the dirt, so I did that next. Next, I got 4 fence poles and fencing and put up two fences on both sides of my garden so the vines can grow up them. If you want you can put the fence around the whole garden, but make sure to not plant on all 4 sides, because you need a gate and an entrance! After I did all of that, I decided I wanted to make a little walk way so that I can easily weed my garden. I found some pretty rocks and made a path down the middle of it.

After I got my garden part complete it’s now time for the fun part, actually planting. Like I said before this year I focused on pumpkins, so I got some small pumpkins like sugar pie, miniature pumpkins, and gords and planted down both sides. Once they started to come up I thinned them out so they weren’t so close together and put potting soil around them. The last step is when they start to run guide them to the fence and they will take off! The picture I have of the garden was about a week ago and now most of my vines have grabbed on to the fence!6D90687C-AAD7-406D-A3F1-488EF546894E 2.JPG


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