Be Our Guest Restaurant Disney World

In honor of it being a full year since my last Disney vacation I thought I would do a review on the most popular restaurant in Disney World. I love anything related to Disney, rather it be Disney movies or Disney World. I have to say though my all time favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. That has been my favorite movie since I was very little. So, when I finally got to eat at the Be Our Guest Restaurant I was so excited. I have always wanted to try the famous “grey stuff”. Anyways, I wanted to share with you guys my opinion on the food and atmosphere of the restaurant.

To start off I want to say I have eaten at the restaurant twice. Both times I have eaten there being at lunch. Lunch time there is honestly not expensive if you compare the prices at other places to eat at Disney. I have got to try a majority of the menu because me and my family all got different items so we could try them all. The menu has changed a little since I have been so I will not be mentioning the braised pork because it is now replaced with the braised chicken. So, first I am going to start out with the food, then I will go on to the different rooms at the restaurant and the atmosphere.

Out of all the items I have tried I am going to review them for you guys giving them a 1-10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. Then, I am going to explain why I gave them that rating.

This is the Croque Monsieur. This entrée is $15.99 and I would give this a 7. What this is is a grilled cheese sandwich with Gruyère cheese, ham and a side of fries. If you like grilled cheese I would recommend this. This is like a step up from your average grilled cheese and is pretty good. I wasn’t absolutely crazy over this but it definitely wasn’t bad.

This is the carved turkey sandwich. It is $16.49 and I would give this a 10! This Sandwich is awesome and the fries are good too! All my family definitely agrees with me on this. What this is is carved turkey with Dijon mustard (we left that off) and arugula on a baguette. The turkey itself is so good and on the baguette it makes it even better. This  is definitely my favorite entrée.

This is the french onion soup. It is $7.99 and I give it a 9. I love french onion soup and this is one of the best I have eaten. If you do decide on getting this though I would say to get something else with it if you are hungry because it will not fill you up. Other than that I have nothing bad to say about this soup.

Now, for dessert. This is the strawberry cream cheese cupcake it is $4.99 and I would give it a 5. I love cream cheese, but I have to say this cupcake just didn’t impress me at all. The strawberry on the top was also definitely old also.

Now for the master’s cupcake. Again this is $4.99 and I would give this an 8. The cupcake is pretty good, just not the best. The icing is more of a whipped icing and not a buttercream, which I just prefer buttercream. However, it is topped with the grey stuff so I do believe everyone who goes here must give it a try.

This cupcake is definitely a chocolate overload and is so amazing. It is the triple chocolate cupcake and is again $4.99. If you love chocolate you must try this. This is definatley a 10! The cake is chocolate, the icing is chocolate, and it is filled with a chocolate mousse filling. This was my favorite dessert I had!

Now, to move on to the rooms. There are three rooms in total and I have eaten in the ball room and the west wing. The other room isn’t that much themed to the movie and we just glanced in at it,so I wont be talking about it.

The west wing was my favorite for sure! The room was themed so well to the movie and had many different things to watch while you eat. The room had the enchanted rose and the picture of the prince. Ever so often you will hear thunder and the prince turns into the beast and a peddle falls from the rose. This room however is very dim and could be kinda scary for young children.

The ball room is also very nice and probably the most iconic room to eat in. This room is the main room and is this biggest of the three. What I didn’t like about this room is because it was the main room there were so many people coming in and out of it. Other than that this room is gorgeous, The chandeliers are huge and so beautiful. In this room if you look out the huge windows it is snowing which is really cool.

Overall I highly recommend going here if you can get a reservation. The atmosphere is so nice and if you’re a Disney fan it is a must see! Out of all the food I have tried I would say none of it was bad, just some were better than the others. Also, out of other videos and reviews I have read I think that lunch is the best priced and the best choices of food.

On a side note if you can not get a reservation online, when you are there walk up to the restaurant and as the person at the doors if they have any openings because they do a lot!

I hope this helped some of you all plan your next Disney vacation, and if you are planning your next Disney vacation just let me say I’m JEALOUS!


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